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Synonyms: Matcha, Matya, Powdered tea

Aroma: bright, fresh, herbal.

Taste: rich, refreshing, sweet, herbal.

Aftertaste: long, refreshing, sweet.

Infusion color: green.
Action: tones, recharges with energy.
Warning! The characteristics of tea described above are the subjective opinion and feeling of our tea testers. For each person, our tea opens its wonderful world of sensations and tastes.

Matcha - Japanese green tea, ground into powder.
20 days before collecting tea leaves, the bushes are shaded to avoid direct sunlight. Due to this, the level of theanine in tea increases, and the tea leaf retains a bright green color.
Match of antioxidants EGCG 137 times more than in conventional varieties of green tea. The best early varieties of the match have a bright rich aroma and sweet taste. Later and budget varieties are used for confectionery purposes, adding to ice cream, pastries, drinks.

How to brew Matcha tea
Match tea can be prepared in two ways: strong (Koitya) and weak (Usutya).
Cooking coyote
In a heated dry dish pour 4 grams of match powder per 50 ml of warm water (60-70oC). The mixture is stirred with vigorous movements, obtaining a thick and viscous drink with a sweet-tart taste.
Coyote is a traditional way of preparing a match in a tea ceremony.
Cooking Usutya
A mixture of 2 grams of tea powder and 80 ml of warm water (60-70oC) beat with a whisk until the lumps break. The tea is tart with a rich green color and sparse texture.
In both cases, the match is drunk with tea, which enhances the beneficial properties of this tea.
Useful properties of the match
Matcha contains a huge amount of vitamins, trace elements and other nutrients. It increases immunity, improves brain function, slows down the aging process. Is a good prevention of cardiovascular disease, lowers blood cholesterol. Prevents the appearance of stones in the kidneys and gallbladder. Match tea is one of the strongest antioxidants in nature.
Have a nice tea!

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