Shu Pu-Er in a bamboo leaf, 2020

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Type of post-fermentation: Shu Pu-Era
Form: Brick, 250 g.
Place of collection: Yunnan Province
Collection time: 2020
Aroma: light woody, with notes of dried berries, black rowan and currant.
Taste: pronounced, woody, with hints of walnut.
Aftertaste: pronounced, astringent, turning into a soft sweetness.
The color of the infusion: from red-brown to black.
Action: tones, clarifies consciousness and encourages active action.
WARNING! The characteristics of the tea described above are the subjective opinion and feelings of our tea testers. For each person, our tea opens its own wonderful world of sensations and tastes.

Shu Pu-Er in Bamboo Leaf, 2020 was harvested and processed using accelerated post-fermentation technology in 2020, then aged in loose form until 2022, after which it was pressed into 250g briquettes.
This is a very pleasant, aromatic and tasty tea that helps you concentrate on performing important tasks and achieving your goals.
Shu Pu-Er in bamboo leaves, 2020 has a pronounced tonic effect.

How to brew Puerh

We recommend brewing this tea in a gaiwan or in a small (up to 200 ml) clay teapot
1. Use purified bottled water. When using tap water (even after filtering), the taste and aroma of white tea can be spoiled.
2. Use a teapot with a volume of no more than 200 ml, and preferably 100-150 ml. Rinse the teapot with boiling water.
3. To prepare a drink of medium strength, pour dry tea, slightly split with a knife, into a teapot that has just been heated with boiling water. Fill with tea 1/3 of the volume of the teapot (if the volume of the teapot is 100 ml) or 1/5 of the volume of the teapot (if the volume of the teapot is 200 ml).
4. Close the teapot with a lid, take it in your hands and shake it vigorously several times. Open the lid and enjoy the aroma of heated dry tea. It's just fantastic!
5. Use boiling water with a temperature of 90-95°C for brewing. Pour water into a heated teapot and pour it out immediately.
6. Shake the teapot again several times (or better 5-10 times). Open the lid - the space around you will be filled with the magical aroma of this wonderful tea. Now the tea is ready for brewing.
7. Pour water into the teapot.
8. Infusion time - about 30 seconds (no more!). After this time, pour the drink from the teapot into Cha Hai. Pour the Cha Hai tea into small cups. Open the infuser and enjoy the aroma of tea leaves - it is no longer the same as it was before brewing (the aroma will change with each brewing).
9. Now - take your time - you can start drinking the first brew. Trying, in small sips.
10. This tea can be brewed in this way about 10 times. At the same time, the taste, aroma and aftertaste of each new portion are different. Try to brew it this way, and it will be unbearably difficult to deny yourself such pleasure in the future. And if such a mini-ceremony is held for friends - no one will remain indifferent!
11. This tea is most pleasant and useful if you drink it warm, without letting it cool.
Have a nice tea party!

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