Purple Pu Er Zi Ya Bao

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Synonyms: Zi Ya Bao, Wild Shen Puerh, Puerh Buds

Aroma: floral, light, delicate

Taste: exquisite, sweetish-fruity, spring

Finish: long, floral, sweetish
Infusion color: transparent - golden
Action: invigorates, energizes, wonderfully quenches thirst, creates a mood of lightness and spring
Attention! The characteristics of the tea described above are the subjective opinion and feeling of our tea testers. For each person, our tea opens up its own wonderful world of sensations and tastes.
Purple Pu Er Zi Ya Bao is one of the rarest and most delicious in the world. Zi Ya Bao is a unique tea made from the tender buds of old wild tea trees.
Fluffy buds of pu-erh are harvested in early spring, as soon as they appear on the tree, and due to special climatic conditions, sudden changes in temperature, pu-erh trees form anthocyanin pigments, due to which the tea leaf and bud acquire a purple, purple color. It is at this time that they contain the maximum amount of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements.
Therefore, tea made from the kidneys is the most beneficial for the body, contains a large amount of vitamin C, improves digestion, restores metabolism, promotes the regeneration of skin cells.
You can buy pu-erh in Kiev in our online store or by calling (098) 084-04-72.
Delivery to Kiev and across Ukraine. You can also order pu-erh buds by mail.
How to brew Pu-erh
1. Use purified bottled water.
2. Rinse the teapot with boiling water
3. To prepare a drink of medium strength, pour dry tea into a freshly heated teapot with boiling water based on a proportion of about 1 tbsp. tablespoons of dry tea per 0.5 liters of water.
4. Close the lid on the teapot, pick it up and shake it vigorously several times. Open the teapot and enjoy the aroma of warm dry tea.
5. The tea is now ready to be brewed. For brewing, use water with a temperature of 80-85 ° C. To do this, mix boiling water with boiled water at room temperature in a separate vessel. Pour the resulting water into a heated teapot with tea.
6. Infusion time - 3-5 minutes. After a maximum of 10 minutes, pour the drink from the brewer into cups or pour it into a separate vessel. Puerh buds can be brewed this way 3-5 times.
Happy tea!

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