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Mate is a drink made from the dried leaves of the Paraguayan holly, a close relative of Chinese kudin.

Paraguayan tea, which has long been consumed by the Indians of South America.

Mate is a tonic drink. It contains up to 1.8% caffeine (some experts call it matein, by analogy with tea caffeine - theine). Matein - a stimulant of both physical and mental activity, and mild action and addictive. In addition, mate is considered a useful tool for normalizing sleep. According to American experts, Paraguayan tea significantly reduces the manifestations of depression, neurosis, anxiety syndromes, regulates the sleep cycle. Many scientists note the immunostimulatory effect of the drink and even insist on its use by residents of large cities.

The mother is high in vitamins. Vitamin A helps with infectious diseases, B vitamins are needed for proper metabolism and normal functioning of the nervous system. Mate also contains alkaloids, antioxidants and many trace elements.
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How to brew
1. Pour 2/3 of the container for brewing raw materials.
2. Cover and shake to thicken the leaves.
3. Tilt the dish horizontally and place the bomb.
4. Turn the calabash vertically and pour a little water, its temperature should be about 40 °.
5. Allow to absorb moisture for 2 minutes, add water 60-80 ° to the level of infusion, but do not close it.
6. Drink the brewed liquid immediately, pour the next and drink without infusing.
7. The duct procedure is repeated up to 15 times.
This method of preparation allows you to get up to 80% of nutrients, and simple brewing is only 30% effective.
You can also brew in the usual way for us. You can use other ceramic or glass utensils for cooking. Suitable, for example, a French press. The proportion is taken at the rate of 10 g of tea per 100 ml of liquid, filled with water 80 ° and infused for a little over a minute. You can repeat the procedure up to three times.
Have a nice tea!

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