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Ginseng translated from Chinese "man-root" or "branched root, similar to man."

There were legends about the healing properties of ginseng root. Legend has it that the root of this plant not only cures diseases, but can put on the feet of a person who is dying.

Ginseng root contains alkaloids, resins, vitamin C, sulfur and phosphorus, tannins, as well as micro- and macronutrients. Ginseng has a tonic and analgesic effect on the body.
Ginseng increases efficiency, removes bile and improves gas exchange in the lungs.
Ginseng root normalizes blood pressure, increases endocrine function, lowers blood sugar.
Ginseng contains saponins, which have a healing effect on the male body, namely: saponin - a substance that stimulates sexual activity in men.
Ginseng improves hematopoiesis and memory, as well as normalizes metabolic processes and cardiovascular function.
Ginseng is a plant that improves vision, heals wounds, soothes pain and calms the nervous system.
Ginseng does not allow the body to age, it prolongs life, without bringing the body any side effects.
Ginseng boosts immunity, promotes rapid breakdown of fats.
And this list of useful properties of ginseng root has no end.
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How to brew Ginseng Root
It is recommended to brew ginseng with a long infusion.
1 tbsp. root pour boiling water in a kettle with a volume of 400-500 ml.
Infuse for about 10 minutes.
Ginseng root can also be used as an additive to other teas.
Drink, enjoy, be healthy!

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