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Aroma: bright, sweet, floral-fruity.

Taste: rich, velvety, with floral-fruity notes.

Aftertaste: long, with floral-fruity notes.

Infusion color: deep red-brown.
Action: invigorates, improves mood.
Attention! The characteristics of tea described above are the subjective opinion and feeling of our tea testers. For each person, our tea opens its wonderful world of sensations and tastes.
The name Jin Luo translates as golden spirals, or golden curls.
Of all the Dian Huns, this is the most expensive tea, as it is made only from the spring upper tea buds, twisted into elegant golden spirals. The tea acquires a golden color during fermentation. And it is quite high for him - 45-50%.
Black tea, grown in a beautiful place, "absorbs" its special properties.
Chinese black tea, grown in its historic homeland of Yunnan Province (China), acquires a special, exquisite floral-fruity note characteristic of Yunnan teas. In addition, "Jin Luo" is also a great drink after a meal, like the classic "Kimun".
Black Chinese tea is wonderful with and without sugar. It is also a great addition to any dessert.
Delivery to Kiev and across Ukraine. You can also order black tea from Yunnan by mail.

 How to brew Jin Luo tea
1. Use purified bottled water
2. Rinse the teapot with boiling water
3. To make tea of ​​medium strength, pour dry tea into a teapot just warmed with boiling water based on a proportion of about 1 tbsp. spoons of dry tea per 0.5 liters of water.
4. Close the teapot with a lid, take it in your hands and shake it vigorously several times. Open the teapot and enjoy the aroma of warmed dry tea.
5. Now the tea is ready for brewing. For brewing, use water with a temperature of 90-95oC.
6. Infusion time - 3-5 minutes. After a maximum of 10 minutes, pour the drink from the teapot into cups or pour it into a separate vessel. This tea can be brewed this way 2-3 times.
Have a nice tea!

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