Xi Hu Longjing

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Synonyms: Longjing, Dragon Well 2

Aroma: freshly cut meadow grasses.

Taste: refreshing and tart.

Aftertaste: pleasant, refreshing, sweetish.

Infusion color: yellow-green.

Action: gently invigorates, tones.

Attention! The characteristics of the tea described above are the subjective opinion and feeling of our tea testers. For each person, our tea opens up its own wonderful world of sensations and tastes.

 Dragon Well is a world famous tea, also known as Xi Hu Longjing.

This is a wonderful green tea that is harvested and processed in the Zhedjiang province, in the mountains surrounding the famous Xi Hu Lake (China). It has an exquisite taste, refreshing and long aftertaste.

Real Longjing tea is harvested and processed exclusively by hand. Especially interesting is the technology of its manual frying in a special frying pan, which gives Longjing its special taste.

This wonderful tea is usually given as a gift of honor to dignitaries visiting China. Do not brew this tea for very long because it can become too bitter due to its high caffeine content. Use water chilled to 60-80°C for brewing.

Dragon Well 2 tea is harvested in the second or third decade of April.

You can buy Dragon Well tea in our online store or by calling (098) 084-04-72.

Delivery to Kiev and across Ukraine. You can also order green tea by mail.

How to Brew Longjing Tea - Dragon Well

1. Use purified bottled water. When using tap water (even after filtering), the taste and aroma of the tea may be spoiled.

2. Rinse the teapot with boiling water

3. To prepare a drink of medium strength, pour dry tea into a teapot that has just been heated with boiling water based on a proportion of 1-2 tbsp. tablespoons of dry green tea with a slide for 0.5 liters of water.

4. Close the lid on the teapot, pick it up and shake it vigorously several times. Open the teapot and enjoy the aroma of warm dry tea.

5. The Dragon Well tea is now ready to be brewed. For brewing, use water with a temperature of 60-70 ° C. To do this, mix boiling water with boiled water at room temperature at the rate of 2:1 in a separate vessel. Pour the resulting water into a heated teapot with tea.

6. Infusion time - 5-10 minutes. After a maximum of 10 minutes, pour the drink from the brewer into cups or pour it into a separate vessel. Longjing tea can be brewed 2-3 times.

7. In no case do not brew tea with boiling water - its mild taste and rich aroma will be irretrievably lost.

Happy tea!

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